The Fall season brings Football, Pumpkins and cooler temperatures. It’s also the time to prepare your home for winter including taking care of any issues with your roof.

One of the primary reasons to make sure you take care of repairs now is that any issues like missing or broken shingles will likely only get worse as the weather gets cold and brings about harsher winter conditions. These spots also leave your home exposed and leaves room for the heat to escape making for a higher utility bill. Fixing those areas now will keep your home cozy and warm.

In addition to taking care of any of your missing or broken shingles, here are xx other items you should do to prepare your roof for winter.

1. Clean out debris

Lots of leaves are falling this season and many are likely to end up on your roof and in your gutters, spouts and drains. Be sure to clean out any debris before the harsh winter weather arrives.

2. Check the attic

One area people often miss when checking their roof for the winter is the attic. Proper airflow and insulation in your attic are critical. If you don’t have the right venting at soffits, gables or ridges of your roof, the hot air will condensate which could possibly cause mold or rot in your roof’s support.

3. Check the chimney

If you have a chimney, now is a good time to have your roofing contractor check for missing or damaged bricks or flashing around the chimney. If you don’t get these repaired, you’re leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks which can cause serious problems later.

A simple roof inspection can identify minor repairs now before winter sets in. Taking care of the minor repairs now can save you a lot of money in the future and extend the life of your roof. Call us today to schedule your fall roof inspection!

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