The leaves are falling and that means your gutters are getting full. Fall is the typical time of year for gutter maintenance so here are a few guidelines to consider as you get your mind in the gutter (of your home!)

What condition are your gutters in?

Sometimes a regular cleaning is just what your gutters need but other times they are in need or repair or replacement. When you are looking at your gutters, look for rust, sagging, joints pulling apart or overflow when it rains. You can also look for leaks coming from behind your gutters or in the corners. These are all crystal clear signs that your gutters need some closer attention.

Maintenance is your friend.

Doing regular maintenance of your gutters is the way to extend their life for as long as you can. Cleaning and re-securing fasteners is a great start but also don’t forget to reseal areas like corners or end caps. Leaf guards or gutter hoods can also be another great addition to extending the life of your gutters and reducing your need for maintenance.

Safety First

We highly recommend that you contact a professional roofing company to take care of your fall roofing maintenance needs but if you insist on doing it yourself, please take the following precautions:

1. Make sure you use a stable ladder
2. Wear work gloves
3. Wear protective eyewear
4. Secure your bucket and gutter scoop while working
5. Never rest the ladder on the gutter

For more on fall roof maintenance or to initiate a professional roof inspection, give our office a call today!

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