The roof is the one part of your home that protects you against the elements. Wind, rain, snow, sun and any inclement weather is constantly beating down on the roof of your house and this combination can have damaging effects. Using a quality roofing contracting company and superior roofing materials means that you will be protected from all but the harshest of these conditions. However, when the weather really strikes, even the best of materials can sustain damage. Storm damage repair can be costly, however, it is much cheaper than allowing it to get worse.

Why you shouldn’t do storm damage repair yourself

Regardless of the quality of your roofing and how well you look after it, certain circumstances invariably lead to damage that must be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid further, much more costly damage to the roof and to the structure of the home itself. Paying for good storm damage repair is absolutely essential in maintaining the integrity of your home. Addressing storm damage repair quickly is also important. Small cracks or holes can quickly lead to bigger problems so calling for inspection and repair quickly is your best line of defense.

Very few people really know anything about storm damage repair and unless you have been in the unfortunate circumstance of needing it done it is unlikely you will know where to start. You might feel like you should attempt to repair it yourself but this can prove more costly than paying a professional to complete the job properly. You may, however, need to take some measures to protect your home from rain and wind getting inside the house before a professional roofer can come and fix the damage.

Temporary storm damage repair

Temporarily you might want to consider securing a tarp over any holes. It is important that you do this tightly and that you don’t leave any gaps. Even a small hole can let wind get easily underneath a tarp which could lead to a rip and causing even more damage to the roof. It’s best to attach the tarp to the outside of the roof. Attaching it inside may prevent it from catching in the wind but rain could collect and run into your house which makes your whole attempt at repair useless.

Adequate temporary storm damage repair

The tighter you can pull the tarp over the hole the better, so tightly secure one end and then gradually move around pulling it tight and securing it in place with plenty of roofing nails. If you get it tight enough with no holes then you shouldn’t sustain any further damage while you wait for a professional roofer to come and repair the damage. Bear in mind that full storm damage repair will first involve a thorough checkup of the whole roof and simply fixing the holes that have appeared might not be the full picture of what is required.

If you’ve experienced storm damage, we’re here to help. Contact us today for your free roofing estimate. We can then work with your insurance company and navigate the claim on your behalf!

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